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With a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from over 40 years printing label, nameplates and fascias there’s no wonder we call ourselves the label, nameplates & fascia specialist and if the friendly approach of our dedicated employees isn’t enough you may ask yourself, what can GSM Graphic Arts uniquely offer our company as our labelling and nameplate supplier?

Well firstly, your experience with GSM begins with our in-house studio who will provide you with the artwork to produce your requirement giving you a visual of your intended product before we begin printing it.

If an anodised aluminium plate is required we will electrically charge the aluminium using sulphuric acid to open the pores of the aluminium so we can then print ink into the metal to provide a more durable and hard-wearing finish. GSM has recently invested in our new and improved, in-house anodising plant which has proved to increase productivity for GSM Graphic Arts and our customers.

Once the material is prepared our in-house printing team will print the design that the studio has prepared. Whether this is digitally printed or screen printed our team use their experience and knowledge to ensure that every label required is printed with the same exceptional quality.

 After printing, the material has any adhesive or fixing holes added by our in-house finishing team before it is punched to shape or laser cut. The completed label, nameplate or fascia is then fully inspected by our in-house quality department who ensure that the finished product is of highest quality before it is packed to send.

If you would like to keep your company’s labelling with one supplier who keeps their in-house processes under one roof then please contact us to find out more.

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