The Career Progression of a Trainee Silk Screen Printer

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GSM Graphic Arts' Digital Printer, Tim Dale, provides a great case study for the career progression opportunities on offer for those going into the Printing sector of UK manufacturing. 

Tim was identified through the personal development scheme, starting out at GSM Graphic Arts as a Trainee Silk Screen Printer. 

Tim quickly expressed an interest to progress his learning through gaining experience in various roles within the company, which were supported with training; namely a "Level 3 CMI in Management and Strategy" course which was fully funded by GSM Graphic Arts.

Job progression has already been achieved in Tim's relatively short career, who has progressed from a Trainee member of staff, to become a qualified "Digital Printer". A typical day for Tim in this role will often start by him gathering the works orders for the digital suite and then setting them into machine dockets within date order. 

As part of this process, he will identify and collate all the material requirements, size variants and any efficiency he can apply. His objective will be to stagger the start point of each machine so that as one finishes he can reload the next job, vital for keeping every machine running with minimal downtime. 

Tim’s training allows him to meticulously plan the workload through the suite. This training also means that he can support the production role planning on a bigger scale, across the entire plant.

Throughout his journey with GSM Graphic Arts, Tim has been given various opportunities that have allowed him to take on additional experience. Peter Young, Operations Director, agreed a training plan for Tim that supported his ambitions and met the needs of the company where key skills were needed.

Looking forward to the future, the next step in Tim's career progression map may well be as an Assistant Production Manager. However, the opportunities for career growth and learning are vast within this sector.

GSM Graphic Arts has for many years actively looked to develop its team at every level within the business. This has been one of the core values at GSM from the start of the company over 40 years ago. In this time, the company is proud to have seen this investment in its staff allow for the likes of apprentices to eventually go onto work in Senior Management positions.

Founded in 1974 and based in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, GSM Graphic Arts is the UK leader in the manufacture of Labels, Nameplates & Fascia panels.

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